Davis Unified Ignition SOS Ignition Coils 06-up Gen III Hemi


Davis Unified Ignition SOS ignition coil packs feature advanced technology to pack more electrifying voltage into them for pure ignition performance. The SOS (Sultans of Spark) ignition coils are designed with increased windings to boost spark output up to 40,000 V! That is a 60 percent increase in spark energy over the 25,000 V produced by the stock ignition coils. The higher voltage, along with an increased spark duration, allows spark plug gaps to be opened up. The larger gap exposes a hotter spark in the combustion chamber for an increased burn of the fuel mixture, resulting in more horsepower and better fuel economy. Davis Unified Ignition SOS ignition coil packs also provide quicker starting, smoother idle, and excellent throttle response. They are direct replacements for the factory coil packs and do not require any special modifications for installation.

Ignition Coil Pack, SOS, Square, Epoxy Filled, Black, 40,000 V, Set of 8, 5.7L/6.1L/6.4L Hemi

  • Coil Style: Coil pack
  • Coil Internal Construction: Epoxy
  • Coil Wire Attachment: Female/Socket
  • Coil Color: Black
  • Maximum Voltage: 40,000 V
  • Mounting Bracket Included: No
  • Coil Wire Included: No
  • Ballast Resistor Included: No
  • Coil Shape: Square
  • Quantity: Sold as a set of 8.

    Not available for shipment outside the continental USA. We cannot ship this to Hawaii, Alaska, or other countries.

    Dropships direct from manufacturer.

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    • Model: DUI 45850 Ignition Coils
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    • Manufactured by: Performance Distributors

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