08-13 Throttle Body Adapter & Bracket Kit 99-07 Dodge-Jeep 4.7L




Since the 2008+ 4.7L engine uses a “FLY BY WIRE” With our Throttle Body Adapters (TBA001) you can now mount your 1999-2007 throttle body to a 2008-2011 Intake manifold. These adapters will allow you to mount the 2008-2011 Intake to your 1999-2007 4.7L engine. Adding the 2008-2013 intake manifold adds 20+ RWHP to the 1999-2007 4.7L engine!

This Throttle Body Adapter kit comes with the Billet Aluminum plates, Stainless Steel throttle body cable bracket and stainless-steel hardware. Our plates come with O-ring groves for a superior factory like seal between both plates. We have also added the grove on the throttle body side to make use of the original factory rubber seal which offers the best possible leak free seal and allows unlimited removal and installation without the need to replace worn paper gaskets.


Throttle body you will need this adapter for the 2008+ intake to work with your PCM.

These Adapter kits include all hardware & throttle body cable mount to mount the 1999-2007 4.7L THROTTLE BODY ADAPTER TO 2008+ INTAKE MANIFOLD. This will allow for a PLUG & PLAY set up.

The 2008-2011 intake is worth 25-30RWHP on over the 1999-2002 Intake manifold.

The 2008-2011 intake is worth 15-20RWHP over the 2003-2007 Intake manifold.


** WARNING ** – During installation, you MUST verify throttle clearances to include the throttle cable and the cruise cable to insure they do not get held (BIND)up by the bracket screw. The installer is responsible to verify all clearances and to ensure the cables do not bind in operation. Failure to comply can result in a stuck throttle scenario and potentially fatal accident. This verification takes seconds to perform, do not skip it!

During installation, if you are experiencing this, please follow the following steps.

Loosen the 4 bolts holding the plate to the manifold and push the plate to the driver's side and then tighten the bolts.

Install the throttle body and push it to the passenger's side and tighten the bolts. The objective is to get the minimum clearance needed for the cable to clear the bracket bolt. Once you have it installed, have someone operate the throttle from the driver's seat and visually verify there are no potential hang ups.

Pay close attention to the cruise control cable as it can get stuck open during operation if these steps are not followed.

If you cannot get the needed clearance, STOP and do not operate the vehicle until it is either corrected or returned to stock.

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