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Snake Oyl fender covers are a great way to defend your fenders from dents and dings while you're working under the hood. These fender covers hug your rides fender like a magnet for the ultimate in protection. Tools won't slip and the cover won't harm even the most delicate paint finish. They're offered in several designs and are impervious to oil, coolant, lacquer thinner, brake fluid, and even high-octane coffee!

Fender Grippers soft fender covers are car fender covers that don't slide off, will protect your paint and keeps tools close at hand. The soft and cushioned 1/8" PVC material in reinforced with nylon mesh is impervious to most any fluids, and easily washable. Fender Gripper Fender Covers, cover a 22" x34" surface and will not scratch or harm your paint. Also choose from our 100% cotton cloth soft Plushweave fender covers with or without magnets. Made in the USA. Read a variety of fender covers reviews and buy the best car fender covers right here.

If you’re looking for a Fender Gripper branded cover, you can’t go wrong with our selection of reliable protective covers. Fender covers are essential to protecting your car’s finish, particularly in a shop where it might be subject to a number of dents and dings from heavy tools. With universal front end covers, you don’t have to worry about fit or style; every cover is designed with you in mind, and can easily be adapted to protect your vehicle. Prevent costly, unsightly chips, scratches, and dings with soft vehicle fender covers.

Each fender is made of 1/8” thick PVC reinforced with nylon mesh. This means it doesn’t wear, tear, or slide, and will grip your car safely in a protective layer that not only wards off scratches, but keeps your car dry and safe from potentially hazardous fluids. Most of our covers are Fender Gripper brand, meaning they come in standardized sizes of 22” x 34”. That’s more than enough coverage to ensure safety and protection that helps your vehicle’s finish last a lifetime. Don’t forget to maintain your Fender Gripper cover, as well. These covers can be easily washed, making them more than just a matter of utility and part of keeping your car as attractive as possible.

Fender covers aren’t just about protection. They’re about showing off your brand pride with style. Choose from fresh, engaging designs created by talented artists, or wear your branded logos on your hood with fender covers from Chevy, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Cobra, Ford, Mopar, and more. We even have fender covers detailing particular makes and models, letting you boast your pride in your vehicle of choice.

Size 34" x 22" Black Rubber-Vinyl with white Challenger Logo

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