Split Second Universal Tachometer Adapter


The TA2-100 can be used to generate a true tach signal on virtually any engine. It has a frequency multiplication function that allows it to produce a true tach signal based on a one-cylinder rate input. A true tach signal has one pulse for each engine ignition event. The output can be used to drive a conventional tachometer, shift light, fire upstream additional injectors or as an input to other modules that require a true tach signal.

  • Fits all tachometers
  • Drive a shift light
  • Drive an additional injector controller
  • Generate a true-tach signal
  • Works on late model vehicles

    Legal only for racing vehicles. Not designed to be used on the highway.

    Dropships direct from manufacturer.

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    • Model: Split Second TA2-100 TachAdapter
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    • 1Dropships direct from manufacturer
    • Manufactured by: Split Second

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