Split Second Universal Fuel Enrichment Module


The Enricher is a miniature electronic module that can be used to achieve fuel enrichment in both turbocharged and supercharged applications. It is compatible with virtually all late-model engine management systems. The Enricher addresses the specific requirement of adding fuel when an engine is in boost and the ECU is in closed-loop.

Modern ECUs operate in closed-loop mode over most of the load and RPM range. While in closed-loop, the ECU is very efficient at maintaining an air/fuel ratio of 14.7:1. When an aftermarket turbo or supercharger is fitted to an engine, it is desirable to run at a much richer fuel mixture when the engine is in boost. Efforts to add fuel in boost are quickly overridden by the fuel trim that occurs in closed-loop. The Enricher alters the target fuel mixture in boost so that the stock ECU targets a user-adjustable richer mixture.

Legal only for racing vehicles. Not designed to be used on the highway.

Dropships direct from manufacturer.

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  • Model: Split Second LSC2-001 Calibrator
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  • 1Dropships direct from manufacturer
  • Manufactured by: Split Second

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