Split Second Programmable Signal Calibrator Absolute MAP sensor

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The PSC1-001 is a laptop programmable signal calibrator with an internal 2.5 bar map sensor. It is programmed with the Split Second R4 engine management software. The PSC1-001 is generally used to tune the fuel mixture on modified engines with forced induction. The manifold pressure is measured by the internal map sensor. The pressure reading and RPM determine the location in the internal map table. The cell values in the map table are used to modify the reading of the primary load sensor of the engine. The PSC1-001 can be used to calibrate any 0-5 V load signal. In most applications this will be from an MAF sensor. The internal map sensor reading can also be used as the signal input which turns the unit into a programmable 2.5 bar map sensor. This unit can be special ordered with the data acquisition option.

The R4 software is included with this unit. Legal only for racing vehicles. Not designed to be used on the highway.

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